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About Us

One bad day turned into one great business…

“I was having a bad day at work, when I got home I was so stressed, I broke something. Immediately I started to feel better!
I ended up doing some research after and came across “destruction therapy!” The idea was that you could release your anger in a safe and controlled environment. I also came to the conclusion that Louisville had nothing at all like this. I tossed the idea around in my head for a few more weeks and then decided to take the leap of faith. I quit my job that was stressing me out and opened Louisville’s first rage room Smash Lab!
Since day one, we’ve learned and grown so much. We’ve improved our process and user experience. We recycle all broken products, we are always brainstorming of new things to smash, and we’ve even added a Splash Lab! Splatter painting for kids and adults!
Whether you’re having a good or bad day. I can almost guarantee that you will leave here with a smile on your face!” 
– Austin Freudenberger
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