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Smash plus Splash-Compressed

Ready, Set, Smash!

Smash to your hearts content. 


11440 Bluegrass Parkway 40299

Mon-Friday 4:30-9:30
Saturday Noon-9:30
Sunday Noon-6
By Appointment Only

Louisville’s First Rage Room

We know the daily stresses of life can take a toll on you over time. Fortunately for you, we give you all the tools to safely take out your frustration on objects you have always wanted to destroy. Our mission is for you to walk away with a huge smile on your face and objects smashed to smithereens. And the best part, leave the cleaning up to us!

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Get Your Splash On

We wanted to create another unique experience for the community and do something that would be fun for all ages so splash lab was born. The idea is simple, we give you the paint, you make a mess and take home your master piece. We do all the cleanup. Easy. Our mission is the same as above, to have you leaving with a smile on your face.

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Let’s Get Smashing!

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